A Winter Walk in the Park

Let’s face it – Winter can be tough. It can tough on your skin, your exercise/diet routine, & tough to find motivation to leave your blanket & Netflix. Even just thinking of getting up and dressed to brave the cold crisp air can be a challenge. If I can provide one bit of advice for staying warm but still looking cute it is layering. Go ‘layering’ crazy. Personally I find the more you layer, not only will you be warm and cozy, but as a bonus it usually makes you look like you tried harder than you actually did. Just think of how cute you were as a kid in your snowsuit. Sort of the same effect. Start with the basics & keep adding on.






Oversized Cardigan & Scarf: Sirens
(scarf is a dupe for the $65 Aritzia scarf – this one was $10)
Long Sleeve Shirt & Knee High Boots & Hat: Urban Planet
Jeans & Crossbody Wallet: Forever 21



Saturday at the Apple Farm

There’s something so refreshing about the Fall season. It’s the last few colourful months we have in the year before Winter rolls in and banishes us to the confinement of our winter jackets (Canadian life). Fall allows us to start layering our outfits and mixing in different patterns and textures. For this outfit I chose a go-to look I wear every year around this time. It’s really as simple as popping on a scarf and adding leather accents. As a bonus texture I clipped on a faux fur ball key chain to my bag. Simple, cozy & perfect for any Fall outing.


Oversized Sweater: Urban Planet $24.00
Leggings: Garage $19.90
Scarf: Aldo $29.90
Booties: Forever 21 $39.90
Crossbody Bag: Forever 21 $24.90
Faux Fur Key Chain: Ardenes $6.00