A Winter Walk in the Park

Let’s face it – Winter can be tough. It can tough on your skin, your exercise/diet routine, & tough to find motivation to leave your blanket & Netflix. Even just thinking of getting up and dressed to brave the cold crisp air can be a challenge. If I can provide one bit of advice for staying warm but still looking cute it is layering. Go ‘layering’ crazy. Personally I find the more you layer, not only will you be warm and cozy, but as a bonus it usually makes you look like you tried harder than you actually did. Just think of how cute you were as a kid in your snowsuit. Sort of the same effect. Start with the basics & keep adding on.






Oversized Cardigan & Scarf: Sirens
(scarf is a dupe for the $65 Aritzia scarf – this one was $10)
Long Sleeve Shirt & Knee High Boots & Hat: Urban Planet
Jeans & Crossbody Wallet: Forever 21



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