Thoughts on Being Socially Awkward

Hi, I’m Mallory and I’m socially awkward.I’m the one who will wave at people who aren’t waving at me, who’s best friend is her cat, and who enjoys spending the majority of her free time alone (usually playing Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars).

I’ve been an awkward human being for as long as I can remember. Long pauses in conversations make me want to vomit….and did I just hear someone say “presentation”? Yeah…I’ll be going now. #bye

Now, I know other people reading this will be able to relate. Everyone feels a little bit awkward at least once in awhile. For some people it’s more often than others. Let’s face it, the world can throw a lot of uncomfortable situations at us. From school to jobs to social outings we are constantly interacting with people with different personalities. The bottom line is people are complicated.

Let me give you an example of my brain when I meet someone.

Me: “Hey I’m Mallory.”

Person: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Brain: “Can they tell I feel uncomfortable?” “Did my voice just go up 18 octaves when I said hi making me sound overly excited and annoying?” “Shit, I forget their name already.” “Did they even say their name?” “Am I making too much or too little eye contact right now?” “This is too many questions.”

Some may call this ADD but I just call it socially uncomfortable and I think I can explain why I feel this way. People judge you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a drug dealer or Beyonce, people will judge you. As much as society will say “who cares what people think of you, be yourself!” There is still a ping of hope that the person I’m meeting doesn’t think I’m a complete mess.

The best way I have dealt with being awkward is to be a nice person to everyone I meet (not like, let people walk all over you nice, more like being generally pleasant but still having a back bone). Simply being kind and accepting to people can make a world of difference. Others will start to open up to you and it  becomes less and less awkward to be around them. There are many people I have in my life where when I first met them I probably said something they thought was deranged and unusual but now we have formed a friendship and they accept my weird-ness.

I guess the moral of this post is just to let you know that you can make it in the world if you are an awkward person. There are many quirky fantastic things about being awkward and as you grow up and go through experiences you will learn to accept and embrace these qualities.

– Stay weird friends, mal.

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