The Big Apple: NYC♥

New York. A bustling, fast paced,and captivating place that I have had on my list of cities to visit for awhile. From the concrete jungle streets to the peace and serenity of Central Park there is truly a never ending list of things for everyone to see and do. Although only there for a few short days, I made it my mission to cross as many things off my list as possible.

Day 1: Times Square & Bryant Park
Fact: I got elbowed about a bazillion times and pushed once by a woman, however, it was all worth it. I truly have never seen so many people congested into one spot. It was incredibly busy at the famous square but I can totally understand why. Times Square is filled with high energy and excitement.There are street performers, jumbotron TV’s, bright and flashy ads, restaurants, shops and much more.

timesswuareBryant Park was close to the hotel I stayed at and I was genuinely so excited. This little park outside of the New York Public Library is adorable. There was an audience sitting in a grassy area in the middle of the park enjoying a live band, a small outdoor cafe, the Bryant Park Grill Restaurant, and my favourite part was the chess and checker tables that you could use freely. It was such a great spot to hangout and socialize and the string lights that lit up at night made it a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

13533090_10153605500105846_5719958492136834925_n Bryant Park Grill Restaurant located just outside the New York Public Library

Day 2: Central Park, World Trade Center Memorial, & the Brooklyn Bridge
I’m just going to put out a PSA warning that if you are anything like me while traveling and will stop at nothing to see as much as you can in one day, you may want to invest in shoes that don’t make your feet want to fall off. Day two was a lot of walking and exploring.
I’m unsure if it was as clear to me as it is now but Central Park is massive. You could get lost in there for an entire day. It is a beautiful spot and almost surreal that this park is surrounded by buildings and skyscrapers.

13537536_10153605500440846_3441212410889508839_nVisiting the 9/11 Memorial site was an extremely unreal and emotional experience. It’s hard to put into words how it feels to be sad but also in awe of how something so horrible in the world has transformed into this beautiful memorial that ties and bonds people together. Being somewhere like this, especially with all the things happening in the world today, really makes you appreciate every day you have. It makes you realize how irrelevant the small complains and worries of day to day life are. 

13501627_10153605500600846_1235192724911466363_nI would like to state that I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. We have a bridge in Hamilton called the Skyway Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is nothing like the Skway bridge in the sense that it is actually extremely pretty. I’m used to the Skyway Bridge that has three – eyed fish that swim beneath it and that has a smell that only a person from Hamilton could truly understand. The Brooklyn Bridge is the complete opposite. I could probably stand on this bridge gazing out at the gorgeous skyline all day. The bridge itself has almost a beach boardwalk feel. It is incredible and it is something you must see if you’re in New York. (You are also able to bike across the bridge if you choose which would probably be really nice if you aren’t clumsy and would bang into every person in your path.)

Day 3: Yankee Game & Top of the Rock
I always feel like a slight trader when my boyfriend and I visit other baseball stadiums because Toronto Blue Jays is where it’s at for us. However, we love to check out stadiums in the states because they usually have a ton of detail and sheer beauty to them. Now, I vow to be completely honest in my blogs and I am about to throw some shade about the Yankee Stadium…the popcorn sucks. The stadium? Beautiful. Popcorn? 0/10. Tasted like cardboard and I highly do not recommend. Other than that slight problem, the game was awesome and I had a great time. If there is a game while you are there check it out. (Just get the pizza slice or jumbo pretzel instead)

13495063_10153605499985846_6452230514081615856_nThe last and personally the best part of New York for me was the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center. You take an elevator up to the 68th, 69th, and 70th floors of the Rockefeller Center and from here you can see the best 360 degree views of the city. On one side you will see Central Park (from the top you can really get the full picture of how crazy it is to have a park in the middle of the city). On the other side, you will get views of the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower, and all the way out to Brooklyn. Ah-mazing. Tip: Try to go in the early morning or the evening for the best photos up here!

Thanks for the great time NYC!





Thoughts on Being Socially Awkward

Hi, I’m Mallory and I’m socially awkward.I’m the one who will wave at people who aren’t waving at me, who’s best friend is her cat, and who enjoys spending the majority of her free time alone (usually playing Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars).

I’ve been an awkward human being for as long as I can remember. Long pauses in conversations make me want to vomit….and did I just hear someone say “presentation”? Yeah…I’ll be going now. #bye

Now, I know other people reading this will be able to relate. Everyone feels a little bit awkward at least once in awhile. For some people it’s more often than others. Let’s face it, the world can throw a lot of uncomfortable situations at us. From school to jobs to social outings we are constantly interacting with people with different personalities. The bottom line is people are complicated.

Let me give you an example of my brain when I meet someone.

Me: “Hey I’m Mallory.”

Person: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Brain: “Can they tell I feel uncomfortable?” “Did my voice just go up 18 octaves when I said hi making me sound overly excited and annoying?” “Shit, I forget their name already.” “Did they even say their name?” “Am I making too much or too little eye contact right now?” “This is too many questions.”

Some may call this ADD but I just call it socially uncomfortable and I think I can explain why I feel this way. People judge you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a drug dealer or Beyonce, people will judge you. As much as society will say “who cares what people think of you, be yourself!” There is still a ping of hope that the person I’m meeting doesn’t think I’m a complete mess.

The best way I have dealt with being awkward is to be a nice person to everyone I meet (not like, let people walk all over you nice, more like being generally pleasant but still having a back bone). Simply being kind and accepting to people can make a world of difference. Others will start to open up to you and it  becomes less and less awkward to be around them. There are many people I have in my life where when I first met them I probably said something they thought was deranged and unusual but now we have formed a friendship and they accept my weird-ness.

I guess the moral of this post is just to let you know that you can make it in the world if you are an awkward person. There are many quirky fantastic things about being awkward and as you grow up and go through experiences you will learn to accept and embrace these qualities.

– Stay weird friends, mal.