Thoughts of a 20 Something Year Old


It is something that I have been battling with for quite a while now. Not like the type of decision of what drink will I get at the bar in my younger years but more like “what job is going to make me happy for the rest of my life?”.” Is this going to be good for my future?”. “Where will I even be in 10 years?”. These are all questions that become more pressuring as your 20’s march along.

I have now just turned 25 years old. Sure, I’ve traveled a bit, I have a job, I live on my own, but I am always craving something more. I feel that my life isn’t meant to be conventional. Some people my age have a full-time job, have gotten married, had children, but for me I crave something else. I have never pictured my life being the typical/safe way of living.

I do not have the pull to get married, have kids, or work mindlessly 9-5 as weeks of my life roll by. I have always almost felt overwhelmed when I think of this lifestyle – not that I judge anyone for wanting it. I realize everyone has different views of what is going to make them the happiest.

To be open and honest, there have been so many times in the past where I have felt the pressure of other people. I have spent time worrying about what this person or that person will think of me if I make a decision that is unusual or out of the box. I have feared that I might fail and have others snicker and make remarks behind my back. With this being said, I have grown a lot and learned to push these fears out of my mind. I have made many decisions that have turned out to make me extremely happy.  I decided that traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I will continue to make traveling a priority. I have decided that I won’t settle for jobs, people, or situations that make me unhappy. I have decided that no matter what happens I have to always trust my instincts and not listen to people who tell me my decisions are wrong.

We have one life to live and we shouldn’t waste it on satisfying other people’s opinions.  Go out & and make all your dreams a reality.  Everything will work out in the end.

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