Hasta Las Vegas, Baby!

As 2016 was rolling by and bringing us into March I was starting to realize that it was time for a bit of a get-a-way. Having a few trips planned this year, I didn’t want to break the bank so my boyfriend & I decided that Vegas (which neither of us had been to yet despite being well over 21) was where we wanted go. We figured we could mix in two experiences into one trip: the excitement of the Las Vegas strip & the adventure of road tripping down to the Grand Canyon.

On day 1 we got there mid-day so we decided to walk the Strip & be typical tourists. We walked down to the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ Sign, saw one of the famous Bellagio fountain shows, & gambled a bit in Caesars Palace. The second day was similar to the first. We wanted to get our bearings and check out all the hotels on the Strip. One piece of advice that I received before going, which became a complete reality, was that things are a lot further away than they seem! You may think that the Venetian is 10 min away but it will probably end up taking you 45 minutes!



The adventurous side of me was probably the most excited for Day 3. We decided to rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon and stop at the Hoover Dam along the way. I can’t lie the drive is long at just over 4 hours but with the right company the time passes pretty fast. The awe of the Hoover Dam and the breath taking views of the Grand Canyon are worth every scratchy country song, can’t-stretch-your-legs moment of the drive. Oh, almost forgot to mention, stopping half way to get In-N-Out Burger was also not terrible!


On Day 4 we were back in the city for our last full day. We started the day off by going to the Wicked Spoon buffet in the Cosmopolitan for brunch. It was hands down the best buffet I’ve ever been to and I highly recommend it if you go to Vegas. There is endless amounts of gourmet food and desserts and you will 100% need to walk it off by exploring the rest of the Strip. On this day we got a bundle pack of tickets at a kiosk in Mandalay Bay for $57.00 /person which allowed you to pick 3 attractions along the Strip. We chose the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay, the Secret Garden at the Mirage & the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor. As night approached we ended it off by having a few drinks, walking the Linq/High Roller shop area and testing our luck at the slots in the Bellagio.

As sad as I am to be back I have a feeling I’ll be back very soon.

Until next time, Vegas.


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